Jessica Simpson Launches Line Of Jeans That Will Make Your Booty 'Look Good'

By Cara Alwill

Jessica Simpson has designed both handbags and shoes, and she’s now taking a stab at designing denim. The 29 year-old singer has announced that she will launch a line of jeans because “A girl's booty needs to look good,” she says.

The denim-inspired apparel line, which will include jeanswear as well as woven and knit tops, will be available in Fall 2010. The line will be produced in part with Jones Apparel Group, and they’re anticipating big things for the brand. "We are excited about this opportunity to partner with Camuto Group to add jeanswear to the Jessica Simpson Collection's lifestyle product offering and help bring Jessica's vision of American femininity to life,” said Jack Gross, Chief Executive Officer of Jones Jeanswear, in a statement.

Jess is excited about the line as well, and is hoping that she can give girls what they’re looking for. "I was inspired to create a great denim line that complements the entire Jessica Simpson lifestyle brand — a jean that becomes a girl's best friend, that everyday go-to pair." Jess continued, "Because I live in denim, the fit was the most important. A girl's booty needs to look good."

After being mocked for her unflattering “mom jeans” last year at an outdoor concert, Jess took quite a bit of heat for her appearance. Perhaps she can redeem herself with these new duds! The new line is set to hit stores this July.

Wonder if her infamous Daisy Dukes will be included, too? We’ll have to wait and see!

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