'Runaways' EXCLUSIVE: Get Your First Look At The Movie's Dynamite Teaser Poster

"The Runaways" makes its big Sundance debut this Sunday in Park City, and we have something that will keep your rocker hearts beating until then: an exclusive first look at the movie's teaser poster.

We know, we know: now that you've gotten to see plenty more stills and a clip from the Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning-headlined flick, a "teaser" isn't exactly the sort of juice you're looking for. But once you click the handy "read more" link below, we have a feeling, you're going to think this art work is quite literally the bomb.

So, go on, click it:

Behold the full teaser poster below. In case you're scratching your head in wonderment: the fruity explosive device is a nod to The Runaways' famous hit song, "Cherry Bomb," which we saw Kristen rock out to in the teaser trailer.

Want more "Runaways"? Be sure to check out the movie's official Facebook page, which just launched!

What did you think of the teaser poster?