'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Episode 11 'Bloodlines'

Revelations, much? After last night's epically revealing episode of "Vampire Diaries," I couldn't help but wonder if scribe Kevin Williamson's New Year's resolution was to spill more secrets than Hollywood's most connected gossip columnist. Seriously, am I the only one whose head is still spinning?

The action picked up right where it was left back in November (read our recap of the previous episode for a quick refresher), with Elena dangling upside down in her over-turned car after hitting a mysterious figure in the road. The "man" eventually begins to unfolds his limbs like a piece of origami, lumbering towards the vehicle. With vampiric-like speed he quickly disappears, replaced by Damon a millisecond later. He collects the bruised-up Elena from the car, and the next thing she knows, she's cruising down the Georgia countryside in Damon's sweet Mustang. Hollywood Crush loves road trips!

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, hunky history teacher Alaric mumbles something to himself about research and finding evil in the small town followed by a misty flashback of his wife played by Mia Kirshner. Also, for anyone wondering whether Alaric was a vampire (ahem, myself included), it appears he likely isn't after we see him venture into the sun without his precious family ring. Let the speculation continue...

Stefan, realizing what a bonehead move it was to leave that pic of Katherine lying around for Elena to find, rings up his love to apologize, but she's not having any of it, letting the momentarily nice Damon continue their trip to a bar outside of Atlanta. During the final stretch of their drive, Damon confirms what Elena had been speculating: The shady figure she hit was likely a vampire, one Damon isn't familiar with. "It's not like we all hang out together at the vampire bar and grill," he says in what may or may not be a thinly vieled reference to "True Blood" hangout Fangtasia. Hey, "VD" already took a stab at "Twilight," I wouldn't put it past them.

At the bar, Damon meets former flame Bree (Gina Torres), who also happens to be a witch. The conniving vamp has sought her help to solve the whole Katherine-stuck-in-a-tomb quandary. Bree makes it clear there's no way to get Katherine out now that Bonnie has destroyed the magical crystal. And speaking of Bonnie, the young witch seems to have lost her supernatural powers. Oh no, she can't make a leaf levitate! She turns to Grams for help, who tells her she must face the fears that are causing her block (i.e. return to that creepy burned-down church).

Though Bree seemed more than happy to stick her tongue down Damon's throat, it was all a ruse as she ominously calls a mysterious man to the bar. Not so coincidentally, a little while later, Elena stumbles out of the bar and is snatched by said mysterious man in an attempt to lure Damon. Turns out, the guy is Lexi's disgruntled boyfriend and he's thirsty for revenge (remember Damon savagely killing Stefan's BFF?). After much pleading by Elena, he spares Damon's life, allowing him to return to the bar and yank Bree's guts out. But not before she reveals there may be a way to reverse the tomb spell. On a quick side note, was Lexi's boyfriend also the dude Elena ran over? Or is there another new vamp stalking Mystic Falls? I need some clarification.

The biggest reveal of the night came in the show's closing moments when Stefan again tries to make amends with Elena for his lie about Katherine (though was it really a lie or a simple omission? Discuss.) Anyway, he reveals a jaw-dropping secret. He met Elena long before they "officially" met at school. In fact, he saved her life when she was submerged in her parents' car after their deadly wreck! Do you need a moment, too? Phew. So, he obviously noticed how much this stranger he saved looked like Katherine and began investigating. After months of stalking (Edward Cullen, is that you?) he discovers that Elena is—wait for it—adopted! Thus, it's possible that she could be one of Katherine's descendants. Does the thought of Stefan romancing Katherine and a potential great-great granddaughter seem a bit creepy to you too? Us, too.

But wait, there was one more revelation reserved for the other brother Salvatore. Though Damon escaped one revenge-bent suitor, it looks like he has another waiting for him much closer to home. A final flashback reveals that Alaric's wife was killed by Damon. Dun, dun, dun!

What did you think of last night's episode? Do you think Elena is indeed related to Katherine? What did you think of Jeremy's new library friend? And did Caroline's absence in this episode irk you too?