A Lady Gaga Appearance On 'Project Runway'? Tim Gunn Doesn't Think He Can Make It Work

Last week, Tim Gunn shared that he disagreed with Nicole Richie when she stopped by "Project Runway" as this season's first celebrity guest judge. And, as the season progresses Tim promises that more famous faces will be stopping by. But, he isn't sure that a Lady Gaga cameo is in the show's future. He's just not sure her over the top style can — as he often likes to say — make it work!

"You know I have a great respect for Lady Gaga, I do, and I love her work. I don’t think of what she wears as being fashion," he told MTV News about the flashy singer, who did manage to stop by Bravo's "Launch My Line" this season. "I think of it more as being fashion and wearable art. Those aren’t real clothes and if you saw them on anyone other than Lady Gaga you'd say, 'This is ridiculous!' But on Lady Gaga you believe because it is who she is."

Although he isn't petitioning to get Gaga on the show, he is very excited to be working a lot more with "Project Runway" regulars Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, who were noticeably absent from last season's show.

"When people cite the L.A. season as being not among their favorites, I think what they're really saying is they miss Nina and Michael," Tim admits. "Nina and Michael are with us throughout season 7. For me, when I'm talking to the designers in the work room, I'm always cognizant of what the judges will probably say and during season 6, it was frequently Heidi and three guest designers. So I didn't have a clue. [With] season 7, I have much more of an idea to how the judges will respond to certain work. And I think that that’s useful for the designers."

What do you think of this season of "PR" so far?

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