Golden Globes Red Carpet: 'True Blood' Star Sam Trammell Hints At More Shapeshifters In Bon Temps

There's much in store for Bon Temps' shapeshifting barkeep Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) in the upcoming season of HBO's "True Blood." In addition to an "erotic connection" growing between Sam and Sookie's vampire boyfriend Bill (Stephen Moyer), the adopted son will find his birth parents and perhaps have some of those lingering questions about his origin answered. When we caught up with Sam on the Golden Globes red carpet, he answered some of our burning questions, including what we can expect next season.

"Well, my character is going to find his biological parents, which is definitely going to end up in some bad stuff for me," Sam revealed. "They're very sketchy. Sort of, uh... I'll just say, trailer trash. That's what I come from, so I can just say that."

Sam will also have to contend with several new creatures haunting the Louisiana town. "There's a werewolf, another vampire. I think there's another shapeshifter or two in there," he said. We already knew Sam's mom played by J. Smith-Cameron would be a shapeshifter like her son, so who is the second one he is referring to? If creator Alan Ball is going by the books on that storyline, we're betting we know who she is!

Fans won't have to wait long for the action to heat up, either. Sam promised some jaw-dropping moments in the very first episode. "There's going to be some shocking stuff. I can promise you in the first episode there's going to be a shocking scene."

The real question is: Does this scene trump a vision of a nearly-naked Alexander Skarsgård, which Alan has already promised to us? I guess we'll have to wait and see.