'The Runaways': New Clips And Stills Arrive Just In Time For Sundance!

A select few MTV News staffers are about to embark on an adventure in Park City, Utah better known to most as the annual Sundance Film Festival. As we're sure most of you are aware of by now (and if you're not, what kind of rock have you been hiding under?) "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart has two major flicks being showcased over this next week in the mountains: "Welcome to the Rileys" and the movie for which she shopped off her long brunette locks, "The Runaways."

While we've already brought you plenty of "Rileys" stills, ones from the rocker movie have been about as rare as seeing a vampire in the sunlight — until now! Feast your eyes on seven — count 'em seven! — new snapshots from "Runaways" by clicking on the two stills below.

The good news doesn't end there: after the jump we have a brand new clip from the movie, too!

But, uh, before we get to that footage, we feel like we should dedicate at least one paragraph to the still above on the left. Is anyone else getting the vibe that the scene in which that takes place is also the scene in which Joan Jett (Kristen) and Cherie Currie (Dakota) share a kiss? In a recent interview with the LA Times, "Runaways" writer and director Floria Sigismondi addressed the reported girl-on-girl action saying that because she had read about Cherie and Joan's supposed bed exploits in Cherie's memoir, she wanted to include that in her film. "It will cause an explosion," Floria insisted. Yeah, we're not going to argue that one now are we?

Anyway, back to the clip from the movie — press play on the video below to witness Cherie's first time meeting Joan and record producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon). "We are choosing you to be a part of rock-n-roll history," Kim says in an attempt to persuade the blonde to join his new all-girl band. My, those words definitely still ring true!

What do you think of the new stills and clip? Sound off below!