Abigail Breslin Dishes On Heading To Broadway And Being A 'Crazy, Obsessed Fan' Of 'Twilight'

For being all of 13 years old, actress Abigail Breslin has the sort of hit-laden resume a 40-year-old would covet. In addition to her Oscar-nominated performance in "Little Miss Sunshine" and box office successes like "My Sister's Keeper" and "Zombieland" the teen will soon be hitting Broadway for an upcoming revival of "The Miracle Worker." Abigail recently dished to Nylon about her role as the blind-deaf Helen Keller, as well as her love for all things "Twilight."

"Helen Keller is one of my heroes," Abigail told the magazine about her role on stage opposite Alison Pill's Annie Sullivan. "When I got a call asking if I would play her, I said, 'Heck, yes!'" Something else the young actress is enthusiastic about? The "Twilight Saga"! Hollywood Crush caught a casually dressed Abigail at the New York City premiere of "New Moon" back in November, and Abigail admits she couldn't be a bigger fan.

"I'm a crazy, obsessed fan. I went to see the first movie on opening day," she said. "But I felt left out because everyone in the audience had 'Twilight' t-shirts and I didn't. So I have 'Twilight' T-shirts now. And have you seen those 'Twilight' water bottles? I have one of those..."

We're more than a little familiar with "Twilight" merch, Abigail. But your love for Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance got us wondering something else: How fantastic would it be to see Miss Breslin as a vampires in "Breaking Dawn"? Right? Paging, the Summit casting department...

Tell us, Crushers, will you be seeing Abigail in "The Miracle Worker"? And do you agree she'd be a great addition to the "Twilight" franchise?