Golden Globes Red Carpet: 'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten Is Ready For Love In Season 3

"True Blood" may have left the Golden Globes empty handed, but MTV News didn't leave the ceremony without its fill of the seductive vampire series. An umbrella-weilding Josh Horowitz caught up with actor Ryan Kwanten, who you may know as Sookie Stackhouse's buff brother Jason, to ask what we should expect from season 3. And, unsurprisingly, the Aussie played a bit coy.

"[Expect] the unexpected," he replied. "I think that's what we've become sort of famous for. In terms of predictability, it's really impossible, even though it's based on a series of books. Alan Ball tends to put his own spin on things. It's no different again this season. Every script that comes out never ceases to amaze me."

Ryan, however, wasn't so tight-lipped when it came to the future of his character Jason. "This season, Jason finds himself in the throes of love, which is a pretty uncommon place for him."

We couldn't have said it better, ourselves, Ryan. Jason's had a slew of seriously unsuccessful relationships, from V addict Amy (Lizzy Caplan) to preacher's wife Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). With Jason's new sweetheart Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) gaining series regular status, it seems the perpetual playboy may be entering the city limits of Commitmentville. Hopefully, it will not negatively affect his shirted-to-shirtless ratio for the season.

Are you excited to see Jason Stackhouse fall in love on "True Blood"?