'Footloose' Remake Not Happening, So We Suggest Other Movie Musicals To Take Its Place

Slipped into their announcement of the Coen's newest feature film release date, Paramount took "Footloose" off their release schedule, Variety reported. In light of Kenny Ortega and Zac Efron both leaving the project, this announcement seemed a bit inevitable.

While we mourn this loss of a chance to see Chace Crawford (he signed on to the movie after Zac bowed out) shaking his booty in true Kevin Bacon style, we would like to propose some other potential musical films for Paramount's consideration (and for Chace to also star in, of course!). Check out our pitches after the jump!


Same generation, different dance movie. Sure it's not a musical per se, but the story of a woman down on her luck and struggling to make a living would be especially potent in today's harsh economic climate. And wouldn't it be great to give Jenna Dewan a chance to dance on screen again in Jennifer Beals' classic role?


Why hasn't this been made into a movie already? The Broadway smash hit based on Gregory Maguire's best selling novel about the life of the Wicked Witch of the West is one of the best modern musicals and stories. Tim Burton at least took notice when he announced his upcoming film about Maleficent, so maybe Hollywood should take notice and adapt this amazing musical.


Sure it's only been out for a season, but "Glee" proved its chops by being awarded a Golden Globe for Best Television Series — Comedy or Musical (it's both!) has proved it's got the stuff. We're sure the creators could easily whip up a movie story line, and it might help move the show to an even bigger following beyond just Gleeks.


Instead of this incessant run of remakes, why doesn't Paramount — or any studio, for that matter — try their hand at making a new musical to become a classic? It's a new decade and a new chance to make history, so why not pick up some budding Broadway and Hollywood talent, throw Chace, Lea Michele, Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris in the mix, and make some box office gold.

What musicals would you like to see be made in a movie? Would you want Chace Crawford to star?