'Glee' Goes On Tour And An Altercation-Free 'Jersey Shore' Run-In Tops Today's Tweets Dreams

Gleeks sure have a lot to celebrate this week, first there was the "Glee" Best Comedy Series victory at the Golden Globes and then the news that Neil Patrick Harris will be singing and dancing with the nationals-bound New Directions. Now, the "Glee" live tour might be hitting a town near you! Stars of the show told fans the big announcement will happen at the end of the month. Lea Michele tweeted, "Hey everyone! A big announcement coming at the end of the month about our next Glee tour! Lots of singing and dancing to come!!!! " and Kevin McHale posted, "News about the glee summer tour coming soon! We're coming to see all you gleeks live! Wooo! So excited!"

Rest easy if you think you'll be a little starstruck at those live shows (we're betting Mark Salling is even cuter up close) because sometimes even celebs know the feeling. Joe Jonas tweeted about his Denzel Washington aspirations: "I wanna be more like Denzel." "Jersey Shore" bad girl Jenni J-WOWW, however, had a run-in (quite literally) with fame when she made contact with Ashley Judd (both pictured) posting,"Omg just bumped into ashley judd... Literally.. WTF goes on hahaha."

Check out what else had your favorite stars hitting up their Twitter pages today, including Jessica Biel's impressive climb, Alexa Vega's 90s nostalgia and Kristin Chenoweth's odd eating habits. Don't forget you can follow us 24/7 on Twitter @hollywoodcrush to get all the latest news in movies, music, television and fashion.

@lucyyhale Gym, then tiVo Glee marathon!

-Lucy Hale, Actress ("Privileged," "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2")

@thealexmeraz Watching a UFC marathon on spike...mixed martial arts definitely my favorite sport!!!

-Alex Meraz, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@grossdale watching the rain outside the studio window.time to get to work but feeling like not .know what i mean?

-Gavin Rossdale, Musician

@davidspade jessica beil and some friends just climbed mt kilamonjaro. in a related story i almost finished runyon last friday

-David Spade, Comedian, Actor ("Just Shoot Me," "Tommy Boy")

@mattlanter 90210 episode 21 cast read through, i cant believe we're almost done!!!

-Matt Lanter, Actor ("90210")

@joelmchale I'm going to be on Conan tomorrow. I haven't been this excited since the birth of my children or the time I had nine cappuccinos.

-Joel McHale, TV Host, Actor ("The Soup," "Community")

@owlcity You know you're getting tired when you find yourself lying in bed remembering how sweet it was when Jurassic Park first came out on VHS.

-Adam Young, Musician (Owl City)

@alexavega Ok... I just bought the aqua cd on itunes. Gosh do I miss Barbie girl. I know every word on that album. Genius. Haha

-Alexa Vega, Actress ("Ruby & the Rockits," "Spy Kids")

@jasoncastroHow have I not been able to find a chipotle in 3 states?!?!

-Jason Castro, Musician

@kchenoweth Oh I know all about night eating. A chicken wing in one hand and a pop tart in another one time. Goodnight to all and goodmorning to some!

-Kristen Chenoweth, Singer, Actress ("Wicked," "Four Christmases")

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