'Vampire Diaries' On Nylon: Check Out Our EXCLUSIVE Photos Of Elena, Damon and Stefan

Last year, every newsstand and Borders bookstore in the country were inundated with magazine covers featuring our favorite "Twilight" vampires in anticipation of "New Moon" November release. (In fact, there were so many glossies dedicated to the franchise that we did an entire post about them!) And while we expect a similar outpouring when promotion ramps up for "Eclipse," we're happy to see another coven score the cover of Nylon. The stars of The CW hit "Vampire Diaries," including Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder vogued for a stylish photoshoot (check out our exclusive images from that shoot below!) and also dished about the ever-popular bloodsucker craze.

When it comes to the genre, "Vampire Diaries" has plenty of competition, mainly in the granite-bodied form of one hunky Edward Cullen. But series star Nina insists her show has its own appeal. "When the show first started... you automatically thought 'Twilight,' " she said. "But once you continue, there's a whole other side of it that goes a lot deeper... It's about letting everyone know that we're different but we all respect each other."

Though the two sagas are unique, Paul admits his series probably wouldn't be around if it weren't for Stephenie Meyer. "Do I think the show would be successful as it is, if it weren't for all that ['Twilight' hype]? No," he said. Costar Michael Trevino, who plays troubled Tyler Lockwood, had another vampire series in mind when he heard the show's premise. "I think the majority of our cast was kind of like 'Vampire Diaries'? Really? There's already a 'Twilight;' is this going to be like trying to make a fake 'True Blood'?"

Ian, on the other hand, conjured up his former island home "Lost" when asked about his mischievous character Damon. "This is gonna be the coolest character on television," he said. "There was no doubt about it. It reminded me of Sawyer, Josh Holloway's character on 'Lost.' He was always the character I secretly wished I could play."

Click on any of the photos above to see the cover and our exclusive shots up close and personal. You know you want to!

What do you think about the cast's comments and their super stylish photoshoot for Nylon?