Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jessica Alba And Kristen Stewart Among List Of 'Most Desirable Women'

The men have spoken, and AskMen.com has put out its yearly list of the top 99 most desirable women. In what shouldn't be too surprising, Emmanuelle Chriqui took the top honor. Maybe you haven't heard her name before, but the male-heavy audience of HBO's "Entourage" certainly has. Though Emmanuelle has only appeared in six episodes in the past year, her presence and looks were enough to make an impact on the eight million voters.

When Reuters talked to AskMen.com's editor-in-chief James Bassil, he told them the combination of Emmanuelle being the sweet, perfect girlfriend on screen and not a big media presence off screen helped her win this year, whereas last year she was ranked 12.

"We don't see a lot of her. She is not a very public person so it leaves some room to the imagination. She is not out there making a spectacle of herself which could sully her image," he told Reuters.

Maybe that's why last year's number two, Megan Fox, dropped down to number 11 on the list this year. But keep in mind, AskMen's readers thought Megan was so in the spotlight that they participated in "A Day Without Megan Fox" where they refused to talk about the popular young actress.

Scarcity was a quality seen often in the top 10: how often do you see Kate Beckinsale (number three), Jessica Alba (number five) or Eva Mendes (number nine, but last year's number one) in the tabloids? Unsurprisingly, as Reuters pointed out in their recap, you don't see Paris Hilton or Britney Spears on this list.

However, you do see new reality queen Kim Kardashian on the list at number 42. She is dating a popular sports star, and thus her hotness level rises for your average AskMen reader. Inexplicably, however, "The Hills" and "Sorority Row" star Audrina Patridge made it to 35 on the list, but Lauren Conrad was nowhere to be found.

What is even more surprising is the prominence "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart (number 21) and Ashley Greene (number 41) had on the list. Does this mean men are actually watching "Twilight"? Or does it mean they just found some way to make their girlfriends' watching it tolerable?

Both Kristen and Ashley scored higher than "Harry Potter" hottie Emma Watson (number 55), "Gossip Girl" stars Leighton Meester (number 75), Kristen Bell (number 76) and Blake Lively (number 85), and ranked higher than "True Blood" star Anna Paquin (number 79).

What do you think of these rankings? What surprised you the most?