'Twilight' Offers Inspiration To Milan Fashion Week Through Designer Maurizio Modica

By Joel Hanek

Finally, someone has combined my three favorite things: "Twilight," runways and soccer! I haven’t been this excited about a combination since Ryan Seacrest mashed “Keeping Up” with “The Kardashians”! Sure, these three things might seem too disparate to put together, but those stylish Cullens do love baseball after all, don’t they? So why not soccer, too?

At Milan Fashion Week this past Sunday, Italian designer Maurizio Modica debuted his men’s collection for fall and winter — a line that draws inspiration from the film “Twilight” along with soccer — which includes everything from the various sports clubs, to the uniforms and even to the ball itself.

While the accompanying runway video doesn’t seem very "Twilight"-esque (it resembles vampire Nosferatu more than any of the dazzling vampires from the Stephenie Meyer saga), the line definitely reflects a gothic motif. After an intro that features angels and shattering stained glass, the models parade down the catwalk.

Made up to look pale and accentuate their dark eyes, the models can be seen in slim fitting retro-styled suits devoid of anything but neutral colors — well, save for the splashes of red here and there, which was most likely a reference to blood. The brooding Edward Cullen look-alikes were also sporting scarves while carrying darkly-designed soccer balls. And although Taylor Lautner was nowhere to be found, there were plenty of shirtless guys to make up for his absence.

What do you think of this “Twilight” inspired fashion line? Is this something you’d like to see R-Pattz in or should they just save it for the runway? Let us know!