'White Collar' Heartthrob Matt Bomer Teaches Us How To Be The Perfect Con Artist

Get your suits pressed and your ankle monitors ready because the crime drama, "White Collar" returns tonight on USA. According to the man himself, Matt Bomer, who plays sharp-as-nails criminal Neal on the series, you can plan to see a lot more "intelligent, procedural stories" in the second half of the season. Plus, "you'll see how far Neal is willing to go to find Kate, and how much he's willing to bend the rules and skirt authority."

Speaking of which, when Matt stopped by the MTV News offices last week, he also raved about how exciting it is to step into Neal's shoes every week. "It's really fun to play people who sort of operate on the outskirts of the moral parameter and like to operate by their own rules."

Naturally, we'd have no idea what that's like because we've (ahem) never broken the law. So, we enlisted Mr. Bomber to explain to us how to be the perfect con-man.

"First and foremost, — it comes from the name — is just the confidence," Matt dishes about being a smooth criminal. "What I learned about a good con artist is that they do their homework just like a good actor prepares for a role. They prepare for every mark they have. You have to be able to spot a really good mark, do your homework and have the confidence to pull it off."

Will you be watching "White Collar" tonight?