Is 'Melrose Place' Star Katie Cassidy Following In Carrie Underwood's Footsteps And Dating A Hockey Player?

Perhaps Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff have gushed about how great it is to be dating a hockey player. Or perhaps, our blog post on starlets who date athletes really hit home for "Melrose Place" star Katie Cassidy — whatever the case may be, word on the street is that she is now dating a sports buff herself, Los Angeles Kings player Jarret Stoll.

E! News reports that the actress revealed she's currently attached to a boy, but wouldn't elaborate on just who that boy is, only saying, "I'm dating someone… We met at a sporting event. We sat next to each other after the game."

She then teased that his initials are J.S. and that he's "kind of" in the entertainment industry. Well, as it turns out, Katie was later seen hanging out with a guy who is 'kind of" in the entertainment industry whose initials are J.S.

After some rumors had been floating around linking to the two together, they were spotted hanging out at the "Melrose Place" wrap party at the Hollywood Billiards last week — the same night she Katie, who was seen hanging out with BFF Kellan Lutz, spoke to E! about her love life.

And for those who may not know it, Jarret had previously been engaged to model Rachel Hunter and Katie dated Jesse McCartney back when "Summerland" was still airing new episodes. So, are they now dating each other? Possibly. And, if she needs any advice we're sure that Carrie and Hilary have plenty to offer.

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