Kim Kardashian Talks Work Ethic, Reggie Bush And 80s Fashion With Ocean Drive: Cover Story

By Cara Alwill

Don’t let Kim Kardashian’s drop-dead gorgeous looks fool you. This beauty has a lot more brains than one would think. With a hit reality show on E!, two boutiques, a perfume line, fitness DVDs, a brand new online shoe business, and a life in the public eye, Kim has more on her plate than most people would ever be able to juggle. And she manages to handle her business — and look amazing while doing it. Ocean Drive magazine sat down with the busy bombshell to discuss her life both on and off camera.

It seems like lately, Kim has her hands in everything. When asked about her work ethic (which is undeniably strong), Kim gives credit to her late father. "My dad was a great attorney and businessman. He instilled a strong work ethic in all of us. If we wanted our allowance, we had to work. For Christmas presents, he’d give us gift certificates for a 'one-hour conversation about life with Dad.'"

And what’s even more impressive is that Kim does it all alone. "I’m a control freak," she tells the magazine. "Sometimes I wish I had an assistant, but I can’t delegate. I still sign every check myself. Every time I do an appearance, they expect five people to show up, but I always come alone."

Though Kim’s entrepreneurial ventures are broad, it’s obvious that fashion is her passion. She’s dedicated to her two boutiques that she runs with her sisters, Dash L.A. and the newly opened Dash Miami, which has done far better than anyone ever expected. "We’ve far exceeded our projections," Kim says of the shop. "Dash is right on Washington Avenue, in the middle of South Beach, and we get people from all over. The Miami customer is carefree, and of course wears less clothes, so we’ve brought in a lot of sexy little skirts, dresses and swimwear.”

An obsession for clothes and accessories is not new for Kim. She recalls dressing up in her mom’s clothes at a young age. “I think back to the '80s, when my mom had an enormous closet and Kourtney and I were about 9 and 10. We used to always drape ourselves in her jewels and furs.”

With such a busy work schedule, it’s hard to believe this Kardashian can maintain her relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush. Though their lives are hectic, it seems like they’ve been able to get into a groove with each other. Kim explains their dynamic, "He only cares about football, and really couldn’t care less about the Hollywood life. It’s not a struggle, because we balance each other out. In his house, it’s only SportsCenter, and in my house, it’s only E!”