Golden Globes Fashion: We Rate The 10 Worst Dressed Females

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Hopefully, you've already checked out our list of the top 10 best dressed ladies from the 2010 “Golden Globes” (if you haven't, what are you waiting for?!). Anyways, it was hard to pick out 10 favorites from the “Globes,” but as usual it was easy, perhaps too easy, to pick out the night's worsts. We take no pleasure in doing this (ok, maybe we take a little pleasure in it), but it has to be done. So, without further delay, because let's face it, this is the list you've really been waiting for, here are the top 10 worst dressed actresses of the 2010 “Golden Globes.”

Let us first start with one deep and thought provoking question –Cher, what were you thinking?! We really don't know what to make of her long-sleeved black ensemble, which appears to be half-blazer, half-ball gown, and is oddly open at the front. We get that she's got this whole rock star thing going on, we really do, but this is so not the way to go about it. By the way, not to bring Christina Aguilera into this, but watching her present next to Cher made us think they could totally have their own good witch/bad witch show.

While we're at it, we'd like to pose the same “What were you thinking?” question to the diva Mariah Carey. Mariah, you almost had us this year, you really did. The Herve Leger gown (skin tight as it might have been) was still elegant, the capped sleeves were cute, the jewelry worked and the pulled back hair was classy. All you really had to do, was...well, cover up! We have more to say about this (so much more), but we've already dedicated an entire post to Mariah's low-cut “Globes” dress, which you can check out here.

We weren't expecting Diane Kruger to earn a place on our worst dressed list. Yet, when the “Inglorious Bastard's” star showed up to the Globes red carpet in a pink Christian Laxroix gown, which featured big pleats around the neckline and a white bow-tie at the waist, well, we simply couldn't deny her a spot. The whole look was just a little too 80s flashback for our taste. Also, we wished she had put her hair either fully up, or fully down, the half-way thing just wasn't working for us.

Another worst dressed surprise was Tina Fey. So, we have to admit, we were slightly nervous about making fun of Tina's Zac Posen dress, mainly because the “30 Rock” star is the queen of comedy, which means she could probably eviscerate us her with comebacks. But, we couldn't resist. The black and white snakeskin print gown, which might have been better if it didn't stop short of her ankles (there's a reason cropped pants aren't in fashion right now), paired with an umbrella, totally made Tina look like the next Mary Poppins. Tina, we hope you're laughing with us...

Cameron Diaz was another red carpet fail last night. Cameron, who presented at the “Globes,” wore a completely unremarkable red satin Alexandar McQueen dress, which she paired with completely unremarkable black Ferragamo pumps. A red dress and black pumps? We're fairly certain Cam can do better than that. The fact that she had her hair tightly pulled back didn't much help either.

Now, we actually liked Kristen Bell's hair at the "Globes" last night, but the outfit left a lot to be desired. Kristen showed up to the red carpet in a knee-length, white Jasmine Di Milo dress, which, hard as we tried, we just couldn't love. While we're willing to give Kristen a little credit for being one of the few ladies to wear a shorter dress, the strapless ensemble with a bow near the waist-area, felt a bit too prom-ish for our taste.

Rita Wilson almost had the right idea. The light lavender dress flattered her figure, and the jewelry looked great, but we just couldn't get over the floral print. Hollywood Crush editor Lindsay

Soll put it best: “The pattern makes it look like a Laura Ashley comforter.” Consider it a lesson ladies, if the print on your dress is even slightly reminsicent of a bedsheet (or curtains for that matter), put it down and walk away.

While we weren't fans of Rita's dress, at least we didn't need sunglasses to look at it (ahem Anna Paquin!). Anna's dress was way over the top but that wasn't even the worst part. Once we got past the oddly placed front-slit, we noticed the shoes. The shoes, which mind you, totally did not go with the dress. In fact, they were the absolute worst shoes to pick with that dress. That's how strongly we feel about that pairing. Alas, we still need to emphasize how hard it was to put the "True Blood" star on this list. She is one of our favorite actresses on one of our favorite shows. So Anna, if you're reading this, we still love you, we just don't love your dress.

OK, now it hurts us to do this (no really, it does), but in the interest of fairness and honesty and all that good stuff, we have to put “Mad Men" star January Jones on this list. Jan we actually kind of liked your black Lanvin dress. But that headband ... hard as we tried, it couldn't be ignored. The completely unnecssary and unflattering accessory messed with an otherwise decent ensemble. Not that headbands are always bad. Case in point, Carey Mulligan, whose head accesory helped her rank as one of our best dressed girls of the “Globes.”

Now, bland isn't usually a word associated with “Black Eyed Peas” singer Fergie, but that's the first one that came to mind when we saw her at the Globes. Fergie's strapless Elie Saab gown wasn't terrible, in fact, we thought the light perwinkle color was kind of nice, but her hair and makeup needed a lot of work. We understand it was pouring, and so we've been fairly lenient when it comes to unruly hair, but Fergie just looked like she didn't try.

To all the ladies who made the cut, we don't mean to hurt your feelings. In fact, if anything, we're hoping you'll consider this constructive criticism and show us up with your very best at the next red carpet!

Who was on your worst dressed list?

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