Could 'New Moon' Star Michael Welch Or Jesse Eisenberg Cast A Web As Next Spider-Man?

With the news that the "Spider-Man" franchise was going to be rebooted by Sony spinning a vicious web all over entertainment and movie sites this week, MTV's Splash Page elicited votes from us MTV News staffers on who we think could best fill the shoes of Peter Parker (previously played by Tobey Maguire) in the next movies.

The only details the studio has released was that the next flick would take place in Peter's teenage years, so naturally, Hollywood Crush had a few clutch casting suggestions: namely "Twilight" star Michael Welch and "Zombieland" cutie Jesse Eisenberg. We think both could fit the bill of a nerdy yet endearing high school student by day and sarcastic, genetically-engineered super hero by night.

Other names being thrown around by our coworkers included "Jericho" star Erik Knudson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and "Saved!" actor Patrick Fugit — but we're still stuck on our idea for the one-time acne commercial star or the boy who once sweetly flirted his way into Kristen Stewart's heart at a theme park to earn great power and great responsibility.

Who do you think should play Peter Park in the upcoming Spider reboot?