Vampires Paul Wesley And Kellan Lutz Cover Cosmo's Fun Fearless Male Issue

For its 2010 Fun Fearless Male Awards, Cosmopolitan tapped two of our favorite vamps—"New Moon" star Kellan Lutz and "Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley —to headline its February issue (Anna Faris is on the main cover) on newsstands now. And as it turns out, the two were already buds having know each other since Kellan moved to L.A. about five years ago. In fact, they recently did some bonding on the sets of their respective bloodsucking projects.

"When we were shooting the pilot for 'Vampire Diaries,' Kellan was filming 'Twilight' in Vancouver as well," Paul said. "And so they were all staying at the same hotel. We actually ended up hanging out a bunch of times. I was kind of like, this is either really lame or really cool that we're all hanging out. I was like, what is this? Like some sort of vampire gathering where we trade secrets?"

We can only wonder if Kellan passed along a few dating tips as well, seeing as the guy's obviously got game. "I love that stuff," Kellan replied when asked if he was a romantic. "I dated one girl in elementary school 11 times. Her mom kept making her break up with me, but I always went to the dollar store and bought her a rose and then a necklace. I thought it was real gold for a dollar."

Don't think you've been left out, "True Blood" fans. Your sexy saga also had representation on Cosmo's list with hunky bloodsucker Stephen Moyer who's engaged to costar Anna Paquin. The Brit revealed that when he is not wining and dining his fiancée, he indulges in a rather interesting hidden talent. "I play the ukulele. It’s a f---ing great instrument," Stephen said. "I used to travel with my guitar, but it was too big to carry around. I try to play things that you wouldn’t normally hear on the uke, like rock songs."

This wasn't the Fun Fearless Vampires edition, though, so a few living, breathing hunks including "Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick, did manage to make the cut. Ed admits to being a romantic saying, " I have faith in love. They say to fall in love, you have to take a leap. There’s something incredibly exciting about that." And as for his most fearless act of late? "I like to do this trick where you lay your hand down on a table, pick up a knife, and stab it between your fingers quickly. I’ve cut myself once or twice, but I’ve still got five fingers. Sounds a little bit dangerous, eh?"

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