A 'Mannequin' Movie Remake Is In The Works And We Think Zac Efron Should Star!

MTV News adores the movie "Mannequin." So much so, that we actually spent one recent Friday afternoon watching the trailer and old interviews from the now-classic 1987 flick, which is about a struggling artist, who falls in love with a mannequin that he designed, only to find out she's actually from ancient Egypt. (Yes, that is really the storyline, so if you haven't seen it yet, we bet you totally want to now!) What happens next? Hijinks!

Anyway, it seems that our nostalgia for the movie has somehow spread to Hollywood — Videogum is reporting that plans are now in the works to remake the film. There are very little details about how the great minds of Tinseltown intend to make this project happen, but as soon as we heard thew news, our minds started racing about who might make the perfect next-generation Jonathan (originally played by Andrew McCarthy) and mannequin a.k.a. Emmy (originally played by Kim Cattrall).

To come up with 2010's version of Andrew McCarthy, we had to think about who has the right mop of hair and a doe-eyed, boy-next-door charm to pull off the I fell-for-a-doll-yet-I'm-still-adorable role? Well, none other than Zac Efron. He already passed up on one 80s remake, so we think he owes us this one!

And who could be perfectly cast as the leggy beauty that comes to life from a frozen state? None other than former "The Beautiful Life" star Sara Paxton.

Wanna know why we love this flick so much? Watch the video to get a taste of that original "Mannequin"!

Are you excited for the possibility of a "Mannequin" remake? Who would you cast in the lead roles?