'Youth In Revolt' Star Michael Cera On Rising Fame: 'I Don't Want To Put Clooney Out Of Business'

Turns out Michael Cera's rowdy stint promoting "Jersey Shore" might not have been as out of character as it seemed. When MTV got a chance to catch up with Michael when he was promoting his newest film, "Youth in Revolt," he shared that he isn't entirely the innocent person he seems.

"I've done a lot of stuff I'm really ashamed of," Michael admitted. When asked if he'd done anything illegal, he said, "Yeah. And I'd rather not elaborate on that."

In the film, Michael plays the character Nick Twisp and his split personality, Francois. If Nick Twisp is the character Michael has seemingly played in everything from "Arrested Development" to "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," Francois and his penchant for cigarettes and explosions is something the world has yet to see Michael Cera perform. Still, he said he hasn't thought about pursuing that style of characters.

"I don't know," he said with a laugh, "I don't have any plans to do that. It depends, I guess, on what comes along." When asked, however, if the character Francois could help him become the next George Clooney in a con-man type of role, Michael retorted: "I hope not. I don't want to put [Clooney] out of business.

The "Youth in Revolt" script was something Michael had been waiting to come along for a while — since even before he saw the scripts for "Superbad" and "Juno." Since he first heard about it, Michael said he was trying to get attached to it.

"I just loved the novel," he said. "When you have a novel that's really unique in its sensibility, sense of humor and tone and there happens to be this character in it that you are able to play because you're around that age and you relate to it yeah, it just felt like something I wanted to be a part of."

Will you be seeing "Youth In Revolt" this weekend?