Justin Bieber Loved Seeing Himself As A 'Jersey Shore' Cast Member, But What About You, Taylor Swift?

Did you catch our post yesterday that revealed striking (yet imagined) transformations of our favorite stars into "Jersey Shore" cast members? If you didn't, trust us — you're missing out. Someone who did read the blog was the one and only Canadian cutie Justin Bieber, who posted it on his Twitter AND brought it to his fellow imagined makeover-ee Taylor Swift's attention. (#OMG!)

We're glad you liked it, Justin (and for the record, your face is just too adorable to sully with a Situation-like spray tan). But we're wondering — how about your buddy Tay Tay? Did she get a chance to see her Jersey-fication? MTV News' Jim Cantiello is dying to know! So much so that he made this video plea for Taylor's response.

So, how about it, @taylorswift13? What do you think? Are you going to try a Snooki hair poof any time soon?