Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Explains Decision Behind Passing On The 'New Moon' Soundtrack

By Cara Alwill

Although Paramore was quick to lend their pop-punk track "Decode" to the "Twilight" soundtrack, singer Hayley Williams admits the band turned down the opportunity to appear on the “New Moon” one.

MTV News caught up with Hayley on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards where she explained the reasoning for passing up the chance to work on the "New Moon" Soundtrack. "Honestly, I had a good time being a part of the first one. They asked us if we wanted to do the second one, and I said 'no.' I didn't want to force anything. They did come to us really early, like before they knew if they would use it. We wanted it to be genuine."

Just because the band didn’t appear on the soundtrack doesn’t mean they didn’t appreciate the movie, as well as artists who did contribute their music. Hayley confesses, "I read all the books, except for the last chapter of 'Breaking Dawn,' so I won't be giving up on all the movies," she said. "I was really excited about the second soundtrack. I love Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver. I thought it was really good. I feel glad we were a part of the first movie."

The band feels strongly about things “feeling right” and when asked if they would contribute a track to the third “Twilight” installment, "Eclipse," Hayley dished, "We'll see what happens in the future. I don't know — if it feels genuine. If we write a song, and I feel like it goes with it, I wouldn't turn it down, but I wouldn't force it." If that’s they way they work, then we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Paramore doesn’t have to force much in the future.

Would you went to see Paramore on the "Eclipse" soundtrack? Why or why not?