Katy Perry's Wedding To Russell Brand: We Have An Idea For The Perfect Cake!

Now that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially planning to get hitched, we can all officially start to act as pseudo wedding planners. So, first on our to-do list for their nuptials (no date has been announced, but seeing as how they got engaged so quickly, we're imagining a spring wedding) is to come up with some kind of show-stopping number for the couple to participate in during their reception. After all, she's the pop tart who once entered the Grammy stage via a banana and he's the actor who speaks unabashedly in public about politics and the Jonas Brothers' virginity.

After visiting the MTV vault to come up with ideas for stunts for the couple, we kept turning our attention back to the video of Katy taking a nose dive into a bubblegum pink cake while performing "I Kissed A Girl" at Los Premios (the Latin America version of MTV's Video Music Awards) in October 2008. It was a delicious moment (pun, intended) because after flopping direcetly into the cake with a sly smile on her face, she struggles to stand up amid icing covering the floor. We definitely see this as an option for Katy and Russell's wedding day — wedding cake is so much more fun when you get to play with it.

Press play below to relive Katy's pastry dive!