'Dear John' Star Amanda Seyfriend Explains How To Get Her Effortless Look In Lucky: Cover Story

By Cara Alwill

A true beauty is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t necessarily have to get glammed up to look gorgeous. And in the new issue of Lucky magazine, "Dear John" actress (she's also a former model) Amanda Seyfried proves just that. She shares some of her style secrets and gives readers tips on how to achieve her effortless look.

Amanda’s priority is dressing comfortably —but without sacrificing style and originality. "I love Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang," says the 24-year-old actress. "But I'm much more likely to buy leggings or drop-crotch sweatpants from them than an elaborate, low-cut piece. They both make casual clothes that have a little something extra going on—which is what I want."

Some elements of Amanda’s understated style are unexpected. She admits feeling comfy yet cute in something as basic as a men’s shirt. "When I was in London, I bought some oversize boyfriend shirts at Thomas Pink, and I wear them constantly now."

Although she puts an emphasis on comfort, Amanda knows the importance of elegance when it comes to looking and feeling sexy. "I like lingerie that looks like it's from the '40s—sophisticated and really beautiful."

And where does she pick up most of her pieces? "I haven't been able to go in a while, but Scout in L.A. is one of my all-time favorite stores." Amanda confesses her favorite designer creates clothes that work with her body type. "Everything Peter Pilotto designs makes my body look really nice. His stuff is just amazing."