We're Live Blogging The People's Choice Awards 2010 Red Carpet!

Taylor Lautner! Taylor Swift! Ryan Reynolds! Carrie Underwood! So many Crushworthy stars will be slinking down tonight's People's Choice Awards red carpet. And don't think for a hot second we won't be at 2010's first awards show, chronicling the fashion dos, don'ts and much more! We're live blogging the arrivals at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre, and in the spirit of the awards, we want to hear from you too! Leave your comments below, from who looked gorgeous to who looked, um, questionable. And don't forget to HIT REFRESH! Often.

8:57 The red carpet is being taken down, so uh that's sadly a non-Taylor sighting wrap! Head over to MTV's Movies Blog right now to get live commentary throughout the actual show!

8:54 No Taylor sightings yet people! We're crossing our fingers for it.

8:53 Dianna's in a strapless black dress and Cory's in a posh grey suit with a gunmetal grey button up shirt. They look very coordinated.

8:52 Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith of "Glee!" Woo hoo! They are debating over what happens if they are not the "chosen ones." But they so are in our book.

8:40 Kelly's champagne gown almost looks like something Serena would wear.

8:48 Kelly Rutherford (as in Serena's mommy on "Gossip Girl") is showing some major cleavage!

8:46 Alyson Hannigan is wearing basic black. She said she didn't know the dress code, but she hit it totally on the mark!

8:45 Wow "House" star Jesse Spencer is hardly recognizable without his longer locks! One more reason I should move to Australia: Hot guys EVERYWHERE.

8:44 Kate Walsh says her dress is vintage from the store Decades. She didn't pick out her dress until 3:45 this afternoon. Now that's cutting it close.

8:43 The lovely Diane is wearing H&M accessories (budget savvy!) with her Herve Leger dress! Where is her other accessory though — Joshua Jackson?!?!

8:42 Diane Kruger says she gets to present to "cute guys" for the breakout male award. Taylor Lautner perhaps?

8:41 Lea Michele looks striking in a sweet-heart red dress.

8:40 Olivia Munn is on the carpet, but I'm more curious where her rumored-BF Chris Pine is at.

8:39 Carrie's dress is Christian Cota, an "up and coming designer." Her shoes are Rock & Republic.

8:38 She's talking about her now-infamous engagement. They are showing the ring! Alert the media! An actual shot of the ring is in our presence! It is literally a huge rock. A round stone and as we had heard, a yellow diamond!

8:37 Our prayers answered: Carrie speaks! She says she can't fit into anything after the holidays! Psha!

8:36 OK, we want the focus back on Carrie Underwood. We'd love a close up of her ring!

8:35 Apparently, they all dressed to match Victoria's couture red dress. Though they're claiming their look is "Mad Men"-themed.

8:34 Cobra Starship is well-coordinated with their red/pink ties.

8:33 Dianna Agron is working the pouf tonight. Has Snookie infiltrated mainstream TV too?

8:31 Greg admits to confusing "Hollywood chic" with "Wall Street chic."

8:30 Greg Grunberg just called PCA "the greatest awards show."

8:28 Country stars y'all! Rascal Flatts is on the carpet. "Every award show should be fan voted" one just said. We kind of agree!

8:27 And Kate Walsh looks to be wearing something from the Ice Capades give away pile. It's a nude sheath covered with lots and lots of bling.

8:26 Tim Gunn just stepped out of his car, in what else but a suit!

8:25 Mary J looks to have a pom pom on her shoulder too. This begs the question: did she and Katie Cassidy collaborate?

8:23 Our first "Modern Family" star! Sofía Vergara's wearing an elegant gray sheath from Mary Kate and Ashley's line The Row. Her jewelry is vintage, though she calls herself "vintage" too. Nonsense!

8:21 "Melrose Place" star Katie Cassidy is presenting "Favorite Country Artist" award. She says she favors Taylor Swift. Katie's outfit however: sleek in a champagne colored sheath with an interesting metallic pom pom on the sleeve ... um and on the bottom hem!

8:20 More of Carrie Underwood-- love the earrings!

8:19 Simon Helberg is wearing a dapper gray Band of Outsiders suit and slicked back hair. Geek chic.

8:17 Jonathan Galicki's sporting some serious scruff. Not sure how that fits into the "Hollywood Chic" dress code.

8:16 "Big Bang Theory" boys in the house.

8:14 Cassie Scerbo's Caroline Hedaya pretty pale pink neutral dress almost reminds me of a ballerina.

8:13 They look a little "Sex and the City" with their range of fashion choices. But uh, Josie Loren: holy 80s prom!

8:11 Aww the girls from "Make It Or Break It" are on the carpet. Which is best dressed? Chelsea Hobbes. Adorable fushia strapless dress.

8:10 Nicole's dress still making me think too much razzle dazzle. Oh look I made a "Chicago" pun. Where's Ashlee Simpson when you need her?

8:08 Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls is here. I like the bronze color of her dress but it's a little too Miss America for my taste.

8:06 Diane Kruger's name just announced (we think!). This must mean Joshua Jackson is in the vicinity too, right?

8:05 Kodak product placement time!

8:03 there's the Band from TV. Or at least Mike Delfino (er, James Denton) and Greg Grunberg.

8:02 Megan is wearing BCBG!

8:00 This just in, the dress code according to host Gretta Monahan is "Hollywood Chic."

7:59 Megan Park of "Secret Life" isn't saying who made her dress. Instead she's spilling on an upcoming plot on the show. Something about having sex with yourself? Wowza!

7:58 Carrie's in a strapless cream and black dress — we haven't seen the accessories yet, only a mere glance when she got out of the limo. I hope we can see the rest of it once she gets on to the carpet.

7:57 There's Carrie Underwood. Does that girl EVER have a bad hair day?

7:53 Amber's purple dress is pretty— very flattering on her! Chris Colfer's in a suit. We want to pinch his cheeks.

7:52 Ah! "Glee" alert! Amber Riley's is on the carpet.

7:51 On second thought, Hayley's hair looks a bit orange.

7:49 Camille Winbush from "Secret Life" is in a very red (must be Herve Leger) bandage dress. Quite sexy for an ABC Family star, right?

7:48 Wow that was some hair color on her. Fiery red. Not sure how I feel about Hayley's black dress/white bows everywhere look. It's a little late for Christmas.

7:47 We can hear Hayley Williams' name announced! Lots of screams for that one.

7:44 Reno 911! star Niecy Nash looks like a sweet confection in her draped, one-shoulder bubblegum-colored gown.

7:42 we see a woman we think could be Janice Dickinson. she seems like the type to arrive early, right?

7:39 ok we need to find out the designer of Megan's dress STAT!

7:38 He should consider cutting the abdominal portion out of his dress shirt. We'd all enjoy that more, I think.

7:37 More screaming! I bet they'll be more of that once Taylor Lautner arrives.

7:36 The rest of the "Secret Life" cast is taking photos. We love Megan Park's white one shoulder dress!

7:34 and we have our first sighting! The slick guy from "Secret Life," Daren Kagasoff. It appears he had a bit of a slick backed 'do. Very teen idol of him.

7:32 We hear screaming, but don't know who it is!

7:31 We brought our critical fashion eye (and we hope you did too!)

7:29 We're glad you joined us tonight for the first award show red carpet of the season!

7:28 Welcome to the 2010 People's Choice Awards readers!