'Eclipse': Was A Script Leaked?

Perhaps Summit Entertainment should enlist a few Volturi guards to protect their "Twilight Saga" scripts. In May, a St. Louis hairdresser found a copy of the "New Moon" script in a trash can and promptly returned it to the studio, receiving tickets to the sequel's premiere as a reward. Now it seems, a copy of the third film "Eclipse" has found its way on to the internet.

A copy of the leaked first page of the script, emblazoned with Jackson Rathbone's watermarked name, was posted yesterday to The Dish Rag. The site calls the document a "blue script," meaning it's likely an early version of the script and was not used to shoot "Eclipse."

Nonetheless, the first page indicates the screenplay opens in Seattle and follows college student Riley (Xavier Samuel) as he's seemingly stalked then turned into a vampire by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Jackson's watermark would indicate that the 25-year-old may have inadvertently misplaced a copy of his script, though Summit has yet to verify the document's authenticity. Either way, Aceshowbiz.com says the script "does not reveal much about the film." "Eclipse" hits theaters June 30.

Have you seen a copy of the leaked script, Crushers? What do you think about the situation?