Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson & More: We Imagine Them As 'Jersey Shore' Cast Members

Not only did watching the video we posted yesterday of "Youth in Revolt" star Michael Cera fist-pumping the afternoon away with the cast of "Jersey Shore" completely make our day, it also made us long for the complete Jersey-fication of several other of our favorite stars. It's only natural to want to see as many famous folks as possible wearing intentionally terrible spray tans and gallons of hair product, right?

The ever-imaginative Photoshop geniuses at MTV headquarters whipped up their latest batch of we-wish-they-were-actually-real pictures, this time transforming Hollywood Crush favorite Taylor Swift into Poughkeepsie princess Snooki, crooner Justin Bieber into an ab-tastic (and slightly freaky) version of The Situation, our beloved Robert Pattinson into the relationship-focused Ronnie, and the always innovative Lady Gaga into the hair extension-heavy J-Woww.

Turns out, some celebs took a little more easily to their imagined Jersey makeovers. Justin, maybe you should stick to keeping your shirt on and your hair gel-less, at least until puberty wraps up. And Taylor, if you're reading this, please host "Saturday Night Live" again soon and PRETTY PLEASE do a "Jersey Shore" skit. I don't care if itll be old news at that point, I just really, really want to see you Jersey-ed out with orange skin and a too-tall Snooki-poof.

Click on the photo above to see our full "Jersey" makeovers flipbook!

What do you think of Michael Ceras new Jersey Shore BFFs? Which of our faux transformations did you like the best? Who else do you want to see Jersey Shore-ified?