Missing Your Favorite Shows? We've Complied A List Of All The Mid-Season TV Return Dates!

The holidays are over and now all you want in the New Year (besides to keep up with your resolutions) is for all your favorite TV shows to come back so you don't have to suffer through any more "O.C." reruns on Soap Net. We know what you're thinking: When will "One Tree Hill" return? What about "Vampire Diaries"? When will I be able to see Joshua Jackson on "Fringe" again? No worries, we here at Hollywood Crush are listening and have made a handy guide for you to know when to start tuning in again!

With January in full swing this week we've already seen the return of "Brothers and Sisters," "Desperate Housewives," "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," "Heroes" and "The Good Wife." But things will certainly heat up as the month continues. Into crime and intrigue? On January 12 "Southland" returns, "American Idol" will come back with a new judge (that doesn't really fit into crime, but we're definitely seeing lots of drama there) and January 13 we delve into the minds of more weirdos (along with our 2009 Hump Day Hottie Of The Year, Matthew Gray Gubler) when "Criminal Minds" returns.

"Bones" is back on January 14 and David Boreanaz's sharp shooting prowess is only be matched by Joshua Jackson's wit on "Fringe," which also returns that night.

"One Tree Hill" returns on January 18 and we're sure they'll be lots of drama to be had now that there's that suicide subplot. Plus, it means we also get to see the premiere of "Life Unexpected." It's "Gilmore Girls" meets "Juno" according to the commercials, and we'll buy into that. And, we CANNOT wait for "The Vampire Diaries" to return on January 21. Will Damon and Elena start hanging out? YES! YES! YES!

Other notable returns this month: "Big Love" (January 10), "Supernatural" (January 21), "Greek" (January 25) and on January 14, "Project Runway," "Private Practice" and "Grey's Anatomy" will all air new episodes.

Those other Crush faves like "Gossip Girl," "90210" and "Melrose Place" will not be back till March.

We know January is supposed to be cold, but with all this great TV it's bound to get steamy. And, now we definitely have a reason to stay in every night!

Which shows are you most looking forward to seeing this mid-season?

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