Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Reportedly Rang In The New Year Together In England

Only a few days into 2010 and it seems like people are already clamoring for sightings of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being possibly romantic together. And, now comes word that the "Twilight" pair spent New Year's Eve together in Rob's home country of England.

According to People, the rumored couple were seen at Ventnor, a seaside resort on the Isle of Wight, a mere 80 miles south of Rob's family home in west London. Though no one for sure knows if they shared a kiss at midnight, the pair did pose separately for pictures with a local fan. After the pictures hit the net, fans began trying to stalk locate them.

"All the young girls have been trying to find him," local store manager Jez Harmer said at the time. "They have been out on a hunt." He added that he had no idea where they are staying: "It's literally a mystery."

These two superstars aren't the only ones loving the locale. VentnorBlog writer Sally Perry said that Kate Moss, Russell Brand, Peaches Geldof and Amy Winehouse have all spent some time there. "Well-known artists and musicians have found that they can live normal lives in Ventnor, away from the media glare," she said. "So others tend to follow suit by choosing our lovely town for their special getaways."

What do you think: Was this a romantic trip for Robert and Kristen?

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