'One Tree Hill' Star Bethany Joy Galeotti Reveals More Details On Her 'The Notebook' Musical

Thanks to an interview yesterday on the fan-produced “One Tree Hill” Podcast, we have a lot more deets on “OTH” star Bethany Joy Galeotti's “The Notebook” musical. The show, which Bethany wrote with record producer Ron Aniello, is based on Nicholas Sparks' 2004 tearjerker.

Bethany said during the podcast that after seeing Nick Cassavetes' film and subsequently reading Sparks' book, she found herself singing songs around her house based on the story's characters. After six weeks, she decided to finally put it down on paper. “I thought, 'This is either going to be terrible, or it's going to be great. I don't know which it's going to be, but I've gotta get this out,'” she said. "It's an amazing story, an American classic, that [I] wanted to do something original with." Thanks to a friend who knew Sparks, she got the author's blessing to write the musical.

What was supposed to be a short, hush-hush interview with a local paper to inform local North Carolina actors about casting turned into an international news story, with mentions right here on Hollywood Crush, MSNBC, IMDb.com, and in newspapers in Australia and Spain. "It was everywhere, and I'm going, 'What just happened?'"

Bethany and Ron workshopped “The Notebook” musical (check out their website here) in a small black box theater in October in front of Broadway producers and investors, and Bethany said all the feedback the duo received was overwhelmingly positive. “[The producers] all said the music was amazing — 'Don't touch it, we love the music' — which is just so, so encouraging for Ron and I because we worked really hard on that music. And everybody loved the dialogue, and they thought the story was well-crafted.”

“I was just super, super excited to get all this great feedback from people who really know what they're doing, because I don't," she continued. "This is my first time venturing into this side of the theater world. It's been an inspiring and intimidating and fun and exhausting and wonderful, wonderful journey that is not even close to over yet... It's an amazingly emotional and moving story and I really hope we do it justice."

Up next for the duo is talking to Broadway producers, a possible reading in New York City, and then rewrites, rewrites, rewrites. Also on the podcast, Bethany talked about her with “One Tree Hill” castmates, owning a restaurant in Washington State with her husband's family, her terrible lip-syncing skills, and her band Everly.

Did you listen to the “OTH” podcast? Are you excited to hear more about “The Notebook” musical? Would you see the show if it made it to Broadway?