'Eclipse' Actress Kirsten Prout Talks About Going Villainous As Vampire Lucy

"Kyle XY" actress Kirsten Prout looks like the girl next door, but for her upcoming role as vampire Lucy in the third "Twilight" film "Eclipse," the 19-year-old actress got to explore her bad girl side for the first time.

"I've never played a villain in my entire career," Lucy recently told iesb.net. "For once, I got to look all innocent and have that angelic quality, and then, all of a sudden, turn into something really dark. That was fun for me."

Kirsten was hesitant to reveal just how dark she gets as Lucy, but she did explain how her character, who appears in flashbacks, fits in the narrative. "Lucy is one of the vampires that turns Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone," Kirsten said. "Jasper gets turned while he is an officer, and I'm one of the vampires that causes Jasper to be turned during his military career."

As it turns out, Lucy wasn't the first "Eclipse" character Kirsten auditioned for. "I read for a different vampire, called Bree [played by Jodelle Ferland], who is a brunette with short, short hair that is 13-years-old and completely not me, but I went for the audition just because it was a big project," Kirsten explained. "I went to the audition room, and then I heard back about the audition that I was wrong for the character, but they wanted me to come back for another vampire that was essentially the same size role and everything, except she had long blonde hair, was extremely pale and was older. So I went in, did one audition and a week later, I got a call and then showed up on set."

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