Stars Return To Work, Listen To Owl City And Ponder Meryl Streep Criticisms In Today's Tweet Dreams

With 2010 well under way, it's time to get back to work, Crushers. In fact, look no further than Nina Dobrev who was happy to be back with her "Vampire Diaries" cast and crew, writing on her page, "And we're baaackk! The Vampire Diaries 2010!" "90210" star Tristan Wilds tweeted, "Yo, if u can't just breathe deeply while ur at work and say, 'i love this job', FIND A NEW ONE!!! I got mine! U got yours?" Elsewhere, James Van Der Beek tweeted about his brand new job for the new year, "My prediction for 2010: NBC's 'Mercy' will have a new Dr. who looks suspiciously like me, but with darker hair. Just a hunch... "

But, while others look towards the future, some stars are still reflecting on the the things they loved most in 2009. It seemed like you couldn't go anywhere without hearing the infectious "Fireflies" by Owl City (not to mention, trying to figure out if they were, in fact, The Postal Service) and celebs are still loving the pop hit, including Ryan Seacrest who gave fans, "8 unique covers of @owlcity's "fireflies"" But no one was a bigger Owl City fan on Twitter today than reality star Brooke Hogan who posted, "Fireflies by owl city could be the prettiest song I've heard."

But, while Hollywood is still jamming out to Owl City, Alexa Vega is still wondering, where in the world is Ashlee Simpson's new record? Alexa (pictured) tweeted today, "I miss Ashlee Simpson the singer! How the heck did people call HER out on lip synching. Jee. Everybody does it. Poor girl." But, Alexa wasn't the only one sticking up for a fellow famous female, as Christina Applegate stood up for Meryl Streep posting, "Just watched the peeps on a morning news program putting Meryl Streep down. Are they kidding me? She has more talent in her pinky finger..."

Check out what else had your favorite stars tweeting today, including Tinsel Korey's review of Hillywood's "New Moon" parody, Jamie Campbell Bower's 1000th tweet and Brea Grant's "Buffy" lesson in zombies. Don't forget you can follow us 24/7 @hollywoodcrush on Twitter to get all the latest in movies, TV, music, and fashion!

@tinselkorey The Hillywood parody was great...wish they put the wolf pack in there

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@jamiebower My 1000 tweet goes out to all my followers. Thanks guys for bearing with my mundane musings. Love ya. Bower. X

-Jamie Campbell Bower, Actor ("New Moon")

@daniellamonet Wowza, almost at 1000 followers. Thanks all 956 of you lovely, lovely people for getting me this far. Stay classy

-Daniella Monet, Actress ("Listen Up," "Nancy Drew")

@robkardashian First Monday of the New Year! This is where my Day 1 ALWAYS begins so hopefully it is my last! DAY 1 on the BEAST MODE plan! LET'S GO!

-Rob Kardashian, Reality Star ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

@therue Think I may need a vacation from my vacation

-Rumer Willis, Actress ("Sorority Row," "90210")

@danielcudmore Nothing like that first workout of the new year...I was laying there like a new born baby!

-Daniel Cudmore, Actor ("New Moon," "X-Men: The Last Stand")

@ethansuplee Give it time, you have until March 31st to return this new year for that 09 model you really loved.

-Ethan Suplee, Actor ("My Name is Earl")

@franktenteen some serious airport security flying back into the US. inconvenient! ..but then again, so is blowing up.

-Cory Monteith, Actor ("Glee")

@millajovovich so every1 watch out 4 wandering zombies, cause I'm going on vacation and won't b able to help u. C ya!!!

-Milla Jovovich, Actress ("The Fourth Kind," "Resident Evil")

@breagrant last night I learned on Buffy that zombies are controlled by their master.

-Brea Grant, Actress ("Heroes," "Halloween II")

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