'Eclipse' Star Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Her Fashionable 'Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond' Wardrobe

Whether or not you're a Tennessee Williams fan, there are plenty of reasons to see the new film "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," based on the playwright's forgotten script. First, there's hunky leading man Chris Evans (we do so enjoy him). Second, and perhaps more importantly, the film features an enviable collection of 1920s fashions—from regal hats to a jewelry box full of, well, diamonds.

The film stars "Eclipse" actress Bryce Dallas Howard as southern debutante Fisher Willow, a flighty heiress who falls in love with poor country boy Jimmy Dobyne (Chris). Fisher convinces Jimmy to be her escort to the town's social functions, and as the title suggests, she loses a $5,000 teardrop diamond earring at one of the parties, triggering a series of accusations and lies. When we caught up recently with Bryce, she was more than happy to dish about some of her favorite outfits from the film. Because what is a socialite without her closet-full of frocks?

"The clothes were really lovely because they kind of embraced the femininity and strength of the character," Bryce said of her wardrobe for the film. "It's a fantastic era for women—the 1920s. There was a black dress that I wore in the very beginning of the film, which I really loved."

Another of Bryce's favorites from Fisher's closet was a leopard skin coat. (Don't worry, PETA, it's fake.) "That was really quite exquisite," Bryce said of the faux fur she wore throughout most of the film. "It made me feel sort of glamorous and old-fashioned."

Surprisingly, a few post-baby pounds from giving birth to son Theodore in 2007 actually aided Bryce's performance. "I had actually just had a baby and was quite voluptuous," Bryce explained. "It was really great, because [director] Jodie [Markell] was like, 'It's perfect!' Because this character is meant to have quite a presence and quite literally a weight to her. So it was kind of a good time in my life to physically play a character like this."

You can rate the "Loss of a Teardrop Diamond" fashions for yourself as the film hits theaters today in New York City and Los Angeles and rolls out further in January.

Will you be seeing "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond"?