Emma Roberts Reveals What She And Her Aunt And 'Valentine's' Costar, Julia Roberts Gossip About

Emma Roberts and her superstar aunt, Julia Roberts, are in the upcoming rom-com "Valentine's Day," and it's not the first time the two have shared the screen. According to Emma's Wikipedia page she once had an uncredited role as an extra in Julia's "America's Sweethearts." Well, now that the two are sharing credit onscreen, we were wondering if Julia, or even her actor dad, Eric Roberts, ever offered Emma any pointers?

The answer is no! The family doesn't talk business when they're with each other. They simply don't have the time. "I think everyone is kind of like anticipating me to be an actress so they weren’t very surprised when I decided to be, but we don’t really talk about the whole aspect of work with each other," Emma told MTV News when she stopped by to chat about her flick "Hotel for Dogs."

The family is all so busy that when they get together they'd rather talk pleasure than business. She added, "[We choose not to] cause I don’t really see them that often and when I do it's all about family and just like being together and catching up on personal lives rather than work."

Well, come time to promote "Valentine's Day" Emma and Julia will have plenty of time together to chat about work and their personal lives!