SonicNet/ATN Reader's Poll: Last Day To Vote!

Don't get us wrong, we're as apathetic as the next music mag when it comes to some things. But when it comes to voting on cool music and the artists who make it, we believe it's your civic duty to rise to the occasion, step into the virtual voting booth and VOTE!!

And the time is now. From Jan. 16-31, the polls are open for business. Vote on the Artist of the Year, the Album of the Year, the Lamest Comeback of the Year and plenty more.

Be counted!! You won't regret it.

And in case you're wondering, this is how we decided on the nominees: During the first half of January, we let readers make nominations in each of the 26 categories. We then took the five top nominees in each category and included them in the poll.

Just use this handy First Annual SonicNet/Addicted To Noise Reader's Poll link and you're on your way.