James Franco Hosts 'SNL' Recap: A Lot Of Kisses, Plenty Of Misses And A Hilarious Snooki Cameo

James Franco is game for pretty much anything. While it's no surprise that the versatile actor is willing to go the extra mile, it sure seemed like Franco was ready to go a few more on what was the last new "Saturday Night Live" of the decade. Though the episode certainly wasn't the best of the season (Taylor Swift and/or Joseph Gordon-Levitt get bragging rights to that, in my humble opinion), Franco gave it his all regardless.

The actor, who admitted in his monologue he had nothing to promote (except, maybe, his fake movie "Hope's Promise"), took potshots at himself about both his stint on "General Hospital" (joking his agent, family and the other actors on the show think it's a "major step backward" in his career) and the infamous picture of himself asleep in class at Columbia University. The rest of the monologue had Franco telling viewers that most of his career moves come from a bin filled with idea slips. So what's on Franco's horizon according to the suggestion bin? He'll play a dead body on "Law & Order," do another

"Spiderman" movie and hook up with every woman in a town in the Midwest (whoops, seems he'd already done that in Kansas!)

As a matter of fact, Kansas wasn't the only place Franco was getting lucky, but on the stage of Studio 8H. From the opening "Lawrence Welk Show" skit in which Judice (played by the always daring Kristen Wiig http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/tag/kristen-wiig/) couldn't keep her (very tiny) hands off Franco to the night's most well-received (albeit, fairly icky) sketch in which he brings his college girlfriend home to meet his very affectionate family. And by very affectionate we mean Franco hooks up with just about everyone in his immediate family (see below for yourself, if you've got the stomach for it.) Heck, by the end of the night, the "SNL" writers had the "Pineapple Express" hottie making out with Christmas trees!

Franco was featured in all but two of the skits on Saturday, and for every hit, there were some misses. Highlights of the evening included a digital short for the "The Tizzle Wizzle Show," which was something of "The Wiggles" meets "Yo Gabba Gabba" gone terribly, terribly wrong (let's just say not everyone made it out alive) and Franco revisiting James Dean (whom he played, and snagged a Golden Globe for in 2001, for the titular TV movie) in a demented take on a Vincent Price Christmas special. Franco's night hit a few snags with snoozers like the drawn-out "Manuel Ortiz Show" and a painfully bad bit about bosses wanting to buy their employees inappropriate holiday presents.

Another thing that was sort of a bummer were the two skits Franco wasn't featured in were probably the funniest of the night. It was inevitable that "SNL" would riff on "Jersey Shore," but who knew it would be as riotous as Bobby Moynihan doing a rather spot-on imitation of Snooki?! Then "SNL" went and saved the

best skit for last (literally) when Andy Samberg brought back his hilarious (sorry, Mark Wahlberg but we love it,) "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals" (press play below to see it). This time Samberg had Wahlberg chatting it up with Christmas animals and a snowman (whom "Wahlberg" assured, "I like your stick hands. I have real hands, but we can still hang out!")

What did you think of Franco's hosting job on "SNL"? Did you think he was funny or did he get upstaged by Andy Samberg and the Muse-ical guest (get it?! Yep, the "Twilight" soundtrack mainstays rocked both "Uprising" and "Starlight")? What was your favorite (and least favorite) skit?