'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Teaches An MTV News Staffer How To Copy Her Hair Poof!

By Ashley Mastronardi

By now, we're all very aware that "Jersey Shore" party girl Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) "invented the poof" — as in, before those infamous Bumpits came along, she had already been making her hair raise to new heights. So given that her locks have become so infamous (after only four episodes of the new MTV series!), I was honored to receive a poof from Snooks when she stopped by the MTV Newsroom yesterday.

Reporter Tim Kash proposed the idea and before I had time to formulate a response, I was sitting under the bright newsroom lights with Tim on my left and Snooki on my right. She started teasing my hair and the poof immediately began to take form. "You have to tease the sh*t out of it," she insisted. After about five minutes she began to spray it wildly with hairspray (we found out she prefers the Aussie brand) and then clipped it up. According to the reality star, "Two weeks ago I was a nobody, and now everyone's trying to do the poof." And after having it created on my own head, I can honestly say: it's one sick 'do.

Watch Snooki in action by pressing play below!

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