Lucas Till Says His 'Battle: Los Angeles' Role Is 'Any 19-Year-Old Guy's Dream Job'

He may have dated teen queen Taylor Swift, but these days, Lucas Till is living the dream in the action flick, "Battle: Los Angeles," set for release next year. The film, which also stars Aaron Eckhart, Ne-Yo, Michelle Rodriguez and "True Blood" star Jim Parrack, revolves around a troop of marines trying to save The City of Angels. Lucas certainly has left "Hannah Montana" behind.

"It's basically any 19-year-old guy's dream job. I get to go to work and shoot guns all day so it's pretty awesome," he told MTV News. "It's basically an unknown force attacks Los Angeles and it revolves around this platoon of marines, which I'm apart of, and then we try to save Los Angeles. And it's kind of like 'Independence Day' and 'Black Hawk Down' mixed."

Not only is the gun shooting a ton of fun for the actor, but he also loved the actors he got to work alongside for the film. "Aaron is a workaholic! He just basically goes in. He broke his arm and I would never have known. He still went to work the same as if nothing had happened, which I respect a lot," Lucas said. "That is work ethic!"

As for Michelle, "she was playing 'Call of Duty' in the hotel with us like all the time," he added. "And then Ne-Yo … I gotta say he's one of the coolest people I have ever met with that much attention on his shoulders."

Are you excited for "Battle: Los Angeles"?

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