'The Runaways' EXCLUSIVE Teaser Trailer Has Arrived-- Watch Kristen Stewart Rock Out Now!

With Sundance only a month away, here's an MTV exclusive first look at Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning's "The Runaways." As the teaser's narrator says, "In 1975, rock was a man's world until..."

...Until Joan Jett and Lita Ford took the world by storm in the seventies with their bad girl rebel band, "The Runaways." Kristen plays Joan Jett in the indie biopic and Scout Taylor-Compton plays Lita Ford. Dakota Fanning helps round out the band as Cherie Churrie — word on the street is the film is focused on the relationship between Joan and Cherie — and Stella Maeve plays Sandy West.


Definitely the coolest aspect of the teaser is the chance to see Kristen rock out with "The Runaways" most famous hit, "Cherry Bomb." Joan Jett signed off on KStew's singing capabilities at the "New Moon" premiere, and we've got to say, she's got our approval as well.

We're also totally digging Dakota as an adult. Sure she's only 15, but she seems to have been born with the mental capacity of an adult, so it's nice to see her looking as such.

Press play below to see the teaser trailer now!

Did this teaser trailer get you excited for "The Runaways"? What was your favorite part?