Robin Antin Hooks Up With Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger For A New Workout DVD

Want to look like a Pussycat Doll? Or, at least want to learn the same moves the fierce girl group does on stage and in their music videos? Well, PCD founder, Robin Antin, has hooked up with PCD leading lass, Nicole Scherzinger, for the workout DVD "Robin Antin’s Pussycat Dolls Workout," out now.

Robin sat down with MTV News to explain that once she teaches you the basics four routines to songs, like "Don’t Cha" and "Buttons," Nicole steps in and helps you polish your technique. "You learn all the moves and then I break it down and then you do the actual routine and then Nicole from the PCD makes an appearance," she said. "And she looks amazing and she's inspiring to all girls."

Robin says that Nicole has just the right attitude to help women embrace their inner doll. Why? Well, because Nicole's great physique is the product of a lot of sweat and exercise. "When she came in with the Pussycat Dolls, she definitely learned from me. It wasn’t like she came in perfect — she definitely had to work hard, and she'll tell everyone that," Robin added. "She worked hard on her body and she still does. She's one of the hardest working girls I know, so she comes in and she dances. She's so sexy and she's beautiful. And she's a beautiful girl on the inside too."

Will you be working out to Robin's DVD anytime soon?