Golden Globe Film Noms We Love: Anna Kendrick! '500 Days Of Summer'! 'The Hangover'!

It's coming down to crunch time, people. Today the Golden Globes have announced their list of 2010 nominees. There were some pleasant surprises, some let downs (my heart breaks at "District 9" only being nominated for Best Screenplay), but still plenty of noms that have we at Hollywood Crush pretty darn excited.

First and foremost, both Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga got nominated for their outstanding roles in "Up in the Air" (press play above to hear Anna talk about her role). While it's unsurprising, the news bodes well for the two in terms of Oscar talk. However, they're up against some pretty stiff competition with Mo'nique in "Precious," and Julianne Moore and Penelope Cruz are never actors to be taken lightly.

Then, the news that completely brightened our day, "The Hangover" was nominated for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical! Although I have yet to see "Julie & Julia," "Nine" or "It's Complicated," from the buzz I've heard I think "The Hangover" actually has a good shot. And since that means Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper could be on stage to accept that award, that's really something to be excited about.

But the fact "(500) Days of Summer" got nominated for the category is pretty fantastic as well (despite my allegiances to drunken revelry) because the indie film definitely had people talking over the summer. We also love that Joseph Gordon-Levitt got a nod for his acting performance in the film (he pulled out the stops a bit more than in "G.I. Joe"), and we're crossing our fingers for him to win (press play above to see a charming scene when he first meets his female love, Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel). With competition like Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Day-Lewis, Matt Damon and Michael Stuhlbarg, he is definitely the underdog in the bunch, but a girl can still dream.

However, it's 10 times more exciting that Cary Mulligan got nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture: Drama for her little role in another indie, "An Education." Despite a few times when the film falls flat, it's so easy to stay engaged with it simply because of Cary's acting. She is easily becoming the Audrey Hepburn of our time, and it's great to see her acknowledged for it.

In a somewhat weird trend, the Golden Globes seem to have run out of actresses to nominate this year. Sandra Bullock was nominated for Best Actress in both a Drama ("The Blind Side") and a Comedy ("The Proposal"? Really?... ugh, though we still love that naked scene with Ryan Reynolds, to re-live it press play above!), and winning either would cement her comeback. We really don't think she's going to win both, though, and that's mostly because Meryl Streep was nominated twice in the Best Actress: Comedy category for her roles in "Julie & Julia" and "It's Complicated." I love Marion Cotillard and Julia Roberts, but this category really is a toss-up.

The best news of the morning, though? "Up in the Air" leads the Golden Globe nominations with six: Best Motion Picture: Drama, Best Actor: Drama, Best Supporting Actresses, Best Director and Best Screenplay. You go, JReit.

The Golden Globes air January 17th on NBC and MTV News will have it covered every which way, with photos, interviews, analysis, live blogs and more!

What nods in the film categories were your favorites? What were your least favorites? Who do you think got snubbed?