'Eclipse' Finale Will Be 'The Biggest Spectacle' Thus Far In 'Twilight' Series, Says Bryce Dallas Howard

When MTV News got a chance to chat with Bryce Dallas Howard last week while she was promoting her new movie, "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," an obvious question seemed to be to ask her what her favorite scene to film in next year's "Eclipse" was.

Unsurprisingly, and like many of the other "Eclipse" stars, Bryce said her favorite part of filming was the epic showdown at the end of the film between Victoria and her newborn vampire army and the double whammy of Cullens and werewolves.

"There's quite an extraordinary finale," she said. "That was very fun to do."

Apparently Bryce was very cryptic about the scene, and didn't want to give away too many details. She did say that the finale would trump the ballet studio scene in "Twilight" and the made-for-movie fight with the Volturi at the end of "New Moon."

"The producers were saying it's the biggest spectacle filmed thus far in this franchise," she said. "There's a newborn army that's been raised for battle. It's a true battle scene."

But something I don't understand is why the details around this fight are supposed to be such a big secret? Why the need to keep hush-hush on the scene? Anyone who has read "Eclipse" (and let's face it, that's about 99.9 percent of the audience reading this post right now) will already know how the story ends and what the battle scene entails.

If anything, giving away more details on the scene could only help the movie's case, because maybe news that the end of the movie would be the most badass good vampire/werewolf/bad vampire showdown in cinematic history would help sustain the box office for the third film's income a bit better than "New Moon" (in less than a month, "New Moon" went from a $140 million opening weekend to only $8 million this past weekend).

Granted, Bryce is new to the game, and maybe doesn't understand how hyped everyone is for the third movie in "The Twilight Saga". Maybe next time, she'll want to give away juicy tidbits about "Eclipse". It's the RPattz/KStew romance that needs to be kept hush-hush, right?