SJP Gives Us A 'Sex And The City 2' Update: Will John Corbett And Jennifer Hudson Appear?

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Any true "Sex and the City" fan knows that Carrie's got two great loves: Big and Aiden. Now, if you watched the first movie (if you didn't, you're not even close to being a true fan!), then you're already caught up on the fact that Carrie and Big finally tie the knot. That's right, Carrie got the closet and the man! Of course, nothing is ever so simple when it comes the "SATC" girls, and when we heard there was a sequel coming, we had to wonder, what's going to happen to the newlyweds next?

A fight? A child? Or maybe, just maybe … Aiden! John Corbett, who played Carrie's ex, was spotted in Morocco during the filming of "SATC 2". Hmm … a little too convenient don't you think?

Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t divulge any further details when MTV News talked to her during a press event for "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" "It might have just been coincidental that he was traveling," she said. Coincidence. Right.

While SJP managed to stay mum on the whole Aiden issue, she did share that Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, who played Carrie's assistant in the first movie, won't be making a comeback. "I can confirm that there is no Jennifer Hudson," she said. We're sad to hear it, but at least we've got Miley Cyrus' cameo to look forward to!

As for the plot of the sequel (don't miss what we've managed to figure out so far), Sarah revealed that it won't be as dramatic as the first installment. "It had a lot of sadness in it," she said. "It was bleak — intentionally so — and I thought rather bold."

Agreed, but fans can rest assured that the sequel will be a lot more lighthearted. "This is really like the antidote, [like those] black-and-white road movies, or that's what we hope," she added. "We're hoping that it's fun and light. It feels like a soufflé. We've traveled a great distance to film it, and I think we have beautiful cinematic images and pictures, and I think everybody else is really good in it. I'm probably not, but I've enjoyed doing it."

Hopefully this means that if Aiden does show up, he doesn't cause too much trouble for the happy couple.

What do you think about the possibility of seeing Aidan again?

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