Lauren Conrad's Novel-Turned-Movie 'L.A. Candy': Here's Who We Think Should Be Cast!

By Emily Donahue

Although Lauren Conrad’s fiction novel “L.A. Candy” is still in the process of being adapted for the big screen, we thought we would help the process along by submitting our picks for a possible cast. Since the thinly veiled novel borrows heavily from Lauren’s “Hills” life — including many of her former costars — we figured we would use her California pals as a reference for our "L.A. Candy" venture on the HC Casting Couch.


The star of the book and its reality show is “fresh, innocent,” L.A. newcomer Jane Roberts. Lauren look-a-like Sara Paxton is an option we’d like to see put on Jane's heels. Sara’s reign on “The Beautiful Life” was cut way too short, but the fresh-faced blond proved that she can definitely pull-off innocent-bombshell with ease. With “New Moon” under her belt, and “The Runaways” and “Eclipse” due out in 2010, Dakota Fanning has secured herself as a teen to watch and we think its time she does a teen flick. The actress could not only handle the transition from naïve newbie to reality queen, but her star-powered name could also bring some real weight to the movie.


Former “Mean Girl” Lindsay Lohan or the princess of East High, Ashley Tisdale, would be perfect as Madison: a power hungry blond who feeds gossip about Jane to a tabloid. (Ring any bells, Heidi?)


And for Jane’s sweet guy friend/ crush (whom we think is referring to Brody Jenner)? “90210” cutie Matt Lanter or Bella’s “New Moon” bestie, Taylor Lautner, would fit the bill.

Check out our other picks for “L.A. Candy” by clicking on any of the photos above and let us know what you think!