'Eclipse' Star Bryce Dallas Howard Explains How She Maintained The Essence Of Victoria

Turns out Bryce Dallas Howard might not have been able to get as much into the character of Victoria as she would have liked. The "Eclipse" star said she has seen "Twilight" several times, but her husband ("Dirty Sexy Money" actor Seth Gabel) had his own reason for not being such a fan.

"Whenever Robert Pattinson would come onscreen, I would grab my husband's hands and start squeezing, and he'd be like, 'Stop squeezing my hand!'" she told MTV News.

But beyond not drooling over Rob whenever he walked around on set, Bryce said the thing she paid the most attention to during her time shooting was maintaining the continuity of Victoria's character through the transition from Rachelle Lefevre to her.

"The visual continuity of the character of Victoria is really important because such a distinctive character had been created that the fans and the audience had really connected to," Bryce said. "She's really described perfectly in the book. So that's what's really important to everybody, that there's an authenticity to bringing these characters to life. It's not really an interpretation. It's like a true representation of what's written on the page, so that's obviously incredibly important to preserve."

Though we haven't had a look at "Eclipse" yet, we hope that the change in actresses isn't a distraction during the character's biggest role in the series.