John Krasinksi Doesn't Think His Nuptials To Emily Blunt Make Him The 'Sexiest Groom Alive'

Emily Blunt, consider yourself the luckiest bride alive. A few weeks ago People magazine dubbed her soon-to-be hubby, "The Office" hottie John Krasinski as "The Sexiest Groom Alive." While we here at Hollywood Crush would say "I do" to the good-looking groom in a heartbeat, John himself (who has been out promoting his role in the upcoming comedy "It's Complicated") finds the title to be rather dubious. The actor, who also recently told us his wedding on "The Office" is helping him prep for his own big day, talked to MTV News about the premature accolade, noting, "I'm not even a groom yet!" and then jokingly teased, "This isn't my wedding day ...or is it?!"

John also admitted that he had no idea that the magazine would declare him "Sexiest Groom" and that he felt like he was taking a more deserving dude's spot on the list (we beg to differ!). But, it seemed like it was the official 2009 Sexiest Man Alive, Johnny Depp that made him feel the most uneasy. The actor pondered, "When Johnny Depp is on the cover, shouldn't it just be a one-page magazine?"