John Krasinski Nervous To Wed Emily Blunt? Nope-- Thanks To His Dry Run On 'The Office'

Let's face facts, only John Krasinski could joke about his upcoming nuptials as "boring" and still have it come off as sweet and endearing (well maybe to us moreso than his bride-to-be, actress Emily Blunt, anyway!) It turns out the fictional, albeit very long awaited, wedding between Jim and Pam on "The Office" is actually helping John prep for his own wedding day.

In an interview with MTV News for his upcoming movie "It's Complicated," the oh-so-cute John said that he's "oddly, not nervous at all" about the big day (also adding, "I'm really excited!"), thanks in part to that very episode (hmmm, do we sense a boat ride at Niagara Falls in John and Emily's future, too? A Dunder-Mifflin-esque dance to Chris Brown's "Forever?") Of course, "The Office" isn't the first time the actor has taken a fake walk down the aisle (he also starred alongside Mandy Moore and Robin Williams in the 2007 wedding caper "Licensed to Wed"), joking that, "It's old hat to me now!" But, unlike those flicks, he credits "The Office" wedding for allowing him to do a "dry run" of the rehearsal dinner. Let's just hope his real one isn't nearly as awkward as poor Jim's was!