Taylor Swift And A Tattooed Miley Cyrus Don't Let Winter Stop Then From Frolicking in Bikinis

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are young, beautiful, rich and famous so it isn't at all surprising that the two girls, in their off-time (which we imagine is rare to come by) like to spend their time frolicking in bathing suits.

This week, Taylor released a video of herself dancing on the beach, jumping into the ocean and standing under a waterfall. The video is pretty much just Taylor having fun, but it's interesting to see the usually covered-up pop star, so scantily clad.

Meanwhile, Miley shocked everyone when she was seen in Miami. It wasn't because she was wearing a bikini (17-year-olds tend to do that), but because she was sporting a tat on the left side on her stomach, under her chest. Us Weekly reports that the tat says, "Just Breathe."

The tat comes to light in the same year that Miley was seen sporting a nose ring, though it's been a while since we've seen her rock that accessory.

These two pop stars aren’t the only two made a splash this year in a bikini. Britney Spears spent some time this summer trying out a few different two pieces. Perhaps her most infamous bikini moment was in her VMA promo, where she looked white-hot sharing a few thoughts with Russell Brand.

What do you think of Miley having a tattoo on her stomach?