'Air' Director Didn't Base Anna Kendrick's Casting On 'Twilight': It's 'A Graveyard Of Acting'

The National Board of Review announced their 2009 film award winners yesterday, and unsurprisingly "Up in the Air" walked away with a whole bunch — including a Best Supporting Actress win for Anna Kendrick. While there are still two and a half months until the Academy Awards, winning a NBR award means you have a pretty good shot of nabbing an Oscars (the Best Picture NBR winner the past two years has gone on to win the Oscar as well).

So while our hopes are becoming more and more concrete for Anna to be the first "Twilight" vet to win an Oscar, "Up in the Air" director Jason Reitman never even considered her acting in that film when he decided to have her in his newest film.

"I don't judge acting from 'Twilight'," Jason told MTV when asked whether he had seen the vampire romance. "MTV viewers, 'Twilight' is a graveyard of acting."

Turns out Anna's role in the 2007 indie "Rocket Science" (a movie he said was "a film every MTV viewer should see," so keep your eyes out for it!) was what made Jason decide he had to have her, so much so that he never considered anyone else for the role.

"This was Anna's role," he explained. "I wrote this for Anna. As soon as I saw 'Rocket Science' and I recognized her voice, I started writing for her."

"When I saw her in that movie, I just thought, 'This girl has a different voice from everyone of her generation'," he added. "She oddly talks like someone from the 1940s, and she's so witty and smart and sharp, and I needed a girl who could go toe-to-toe with George Clooney, and she was the one."

So what would how would he react if Anna did go on to win an Oscar? "If anyone I direct ever gets nominated, I'm going to take a lot of pride in it," he said. "And certainly when Ellen [Page] got nominated for 'Juno,' I was just over the moon for her."

Well we would definitely be over the moon if (er, hopefully when) Anna gets nominated as well.